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My voice reaches a pitch that only dogs can hear.

Oh my god, this is all I wanted from 3x15.

I would have given anything for a hospital scene. It would have been so beautifully painful.

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Do you reckon Agent Triplett is going to be evil? Alternatively, if Ward actually is evil, do you think Trip might sort of fill his role as team specialist?

SHIELD 1x17 spoilers

I don’t think Trip is evil since they already did the bluff with him. Double bluffs are a bit lame. I was kind of hoping he’d be evil though because I don’t like him preening around Simmons.

Although to be fair, it’s only natural that everyone who meets Simmons develops a crush on her. 

Trip still hasn’t won me over from that initial ‘NEW CHARACTER NOOOO’ phase. He’s just pretty plain as a character, so until he gets to do more… we’ll see. I guess that might mean he will come in and try and help protect the team and be angsty about Ward and his SO hailing hydra all day every day. So we’ll see!

What do you think Simmons meant when she said she was getting better at lying?!?!?! Lying about what exactly?!

She’s Hermione-ing. 

Pretty soon she’ll be telling Umbridge where Dumbledore’s secret weapon is.