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yo, you make the best faberry edits thank you so much ^_^

Aw thank you!

All I can hope for is that people reblog them with ridiculously abusive and violent tags. That is my favourite.

No but really that’s the beauty of Faberry. It’s been two years since we said goodbye, but it’s not as if we’re even close to running out of new insights or ways to dissect them and their story. They’re the ship that keeps on giving, so why not honour that.

p.s. Lilykat wins.


The girl who set the piano on fire. The crazy baby stealing mess. The one who’s in control of what she does and what she says. "I got into Yale."

This was an easy question to answer. Quinn’s arc in season three - up until she gets hit by the truck - is the main reason I get frustrated when people try to agree with me about how much Glee sucks and act like it’s sucked since the glory years. Because sure, nothing is ever going to be as great as 101-113, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been flashes of greatness since then. And if I left Quinn where she was in season 1? I wouldn’t feel all the important things I feel about her now. And in a way the front half of season 3 was a microcosm for Quinn, in that she went right back to her farcical teen-evil roots - trying to stealth a baby away, trying to stealth it back - self-destructing with Puck, self-destructing with people equally unimportant to her under the bleachers - she went back to all that and then she was yanked from it in the space of a few episodes by one Rachel Berry.

Rachel who told her she didn’t have to do the things she knows she’ll regret. Rachel who reminded her of the love she has for her child as opposed to the need she has for her. Rachel who reminded her that she’s a lot better than she knows.

And at the end of all that Quinn is brave, Quinn is powerful, Quinn is a star on a stage and Quinn is a star in her own life. Maybe not the shining star. But still.

She shines. She smiles like she means it. And she knows exactly where she’s going.

The front half of season 3 is when Quinn realized she’s not lost and she never really will be - because of the things she found in Rachel - because of the things she found in Glee - because of the things she found in Rachel and in Glee that she found in herself.

Wow. I mean I agree. But wow.

I so often see people say that Quinn is poorly written. It always rubs me the wrong way because yes, there are obvious flaws. The way in which everybody on that show has writing flaws. But she easily has one of the most captivating arcs for me. I love that the aftermath of Beth came 1-2 years later. That the pain of it all wasn’t something Quinn let herself deal with until she was ready…until she had a helping hand she was willing to accept. 

I cannot stand Glee for what they did to themselves. I hate the way they ruined their own characters. But I will always be thankful for what they gave us seasons 1 thru 3. They had moments of pure magic, and if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t love Quinn (and Rachel) as much as I do now. Honestly there are parts of S3 I love more than S1. I will stand by that argument until the cows come home.

Sometimes I think there is nothing better than Quinn’s “I got into Yale!” moment. Look at her stupid fucking face.